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Garden services - garden maintenance, lawn mowing.

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Garden maintenance

A service must always be oriented towards the customer and his needs. Challenge us!
We do the work for you!
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Garden service work - hedge trimming.

Cutting to size

Regular, professional trimming not only ensures that the hedges retain their shape, but also promotes growth.
Beautiful Gardens

Wheelbarrow with garden shovel.

  Waste disposal and removal

A service must always be oriented towards the customer and his needs.

It does not always have to be a complete garden redesign or a new garden. Often you simply need manpower from professionals to do the job for you. Challenge us! We do it for you! Here are just a few examples. If you have any problems around the house, just give us a call. We have the right solution for you!

Horticulture History:
Horticulture has a very long history. The study and science of horticulture goes back to the time of Cyrus the Great of ancient Persia. The origins of horticulture lie in the transition of human communities from nomadic hunter-gatherers to sedentary or semi-sedentary horticultural communities that cultivate a variety of crops on a small scale around their dwellings or on specialized plots that are occasionally visited during migrations from one area to another (such as the "milpa" or cornfield of Mesoamerican crops).

  An overview of our services.
  • New and redesign of gardens. New planting and professional pruning of existing shrubs, hedges and trees.
  • Garden maintenance and soil improvement with soil activator or compost sand.
  • Working with construction timber. (e.g.) Design of terraces.
  • Creation of garden ponds.
  • Paving work also with natural stone types.
  • Turf installation - Finished turf laying, lawn seeding, mowing or scarifying.
  • Fence work and erection of visual protection elements.
  • Plant delivery of all kinds, as well as delivery of humus, bark mulch and topsoil substrate.
  • Disposal and removal of compostable waste.
  • Tree care and tree felling.
  • Garden- Irrigation systems.
  • Grubbing-up operations

Decorated garden table in summer.


Horticultural professional association - Logo

What needs does the horticultural service cover?

Horticulture - it's all about plants, water, paths, lighting and much more. Horticulture is therefore often a case for real experts. We advise you, carry out work and, if you are interested, give you valuable horticultural tips for the private garden, commercial greening or even the sports field or park, irrigation, care, winter services, garden maintenance and for new and redesigned gardens.
    We offer a comprehensive range of services, from initial garden planning to annual pruning of tree crowns and removal of tree stumps. From planning and implementation to regular garden maintenance for your optimally designed outdoor area. And we also take care of everything that is seasonal.

Location, soil characteristics and irrigation possibilities must be given special attention in both private and commercial horticulture. In sports field construction, on the other hand, aspects such as the weather resistance of the sports facility or the decision to use hybrid turf count. When it comes to advice and technical know-how, you have come to the right place as a specialist for landscaping.

Flexible garden hose 30m, water hose Flexible with 3-fold latex core, black.
Flexible garden tube 30m,
Stretchable flexible hose with
Distributor for car wash.

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Gardena Irrigation Computer,gray.
Irrigation Computer
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Watering control.

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Knee pads with double straps for the house garden, green.
Knee pads with double straps
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various cleaning jobs.

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Esschert Design ladies apron. Garden apron with pockets, green.
Esschert Design Ladies Apron.
Garden apron with pockets.
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Planting table | weatherproof
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Impressions from the picture collection of Karlsen's green spaces.



Little girl - enchanted by the spring garden.

Natural pond with goldfish and design elements of stone.

Country house with staircase in planted front garden.

Gardener with lawn mower mowing the lawn.

Wooden terrace over swimming pond with brick sandstone cladding.

Automatic irrigation system. Lawn irrigation system for a larger green area.

Karlsen-LogoThe right advice and its sensitive implementation with an eye for what is essential for you, that's where the fun in the garden starts. A garden is properly laid out when it brings you peace and relaxation and not when it demands too much time from you.

„We do the work, you do the fun.“


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