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Example picture for work on various horticultural projects.

Garden Service
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Garden Landscaping

Advice and creative execution of horticultural orders. Tree care and tree felling work. Delivery of plants of all kinds.
Gardens by Karlsen
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Redesign of gardens. Creation of garden ponds. Design of terraces.

Consulting +

New and redesign of gardens. Creation of garden ponds. Design of terraces and paving. Laying of turf.
Beautiful Gardens

Errors in bridge construction.

  That's obviously not the right way

What is the great advantage of experience? The absence of many unnecessary mistakes!

In 1982 the horticulture and landscaping company was founded. Initially with mainly private work for garden design and horticultural services for private clients. The orders became larger, the number of employees grew from initially one employee and then to a continuous 10-12 employees.

More and more often, horticultural orders for the city of Verden, the city of Bremen and the city of Achim were implemented. For an American company, MCS, based in Frankfurt, parking areas and gardens were created throughout the entire North German region. Large parts of today's amusement park Verden, as well as green space design for the Serengetipark Walsrode, the redesign of the market place of Achim, several transfer stations of the Bremer Straßenbahn AG, extensive horticultural works for the Hannover Flughafen AG, the consulting and creative execution of 6 tennis courts in the Düsseldorf Rhine stadium, are horticultural works of which I still look back with pride today.

Take advantage of our more than 30 years of experience in consulting and implementation in garden design and horticulture.

  An overview of our services.
  • New and redesign of gardens. New planting and professional pruning of existing shrubs, hedges and trees.
  • Garden maintenance and soil improvement with soil activator or compost sand.
  • Working with construction timber. (e.g.) Design of terraces.
  • Creation of iconGarden ponds.
  • Paving work also with natural stone types.
  • Turf installation - Finished turf laying, lawn seeding, mowing or scarifying.
  • Fence work and erection of visual protection elements.
  • Plant delivery of all kinds, as well as delivery of humus, bark mulch and topsoil substrate.
  • Disposal and removal of compostable waste.
  • Tree care and tree felling.
  • Excavator and wheel loader work.
  • Garden- Irrigation systems.
  • Masonry work - also creating dry stone walls.
  • Grubbing-up operations

Wheelbarrow with compostable garden waste.


Horticultural professional association - Logo

The foundation of the company "Karlsen - Schönere Gärten".

In 2002 the company "Karlsen - Schönere Gärten" was founded. Since then, the name has deliberately and memorably carried the actual motto and objective to the outside world and primarily aims to appeal to private customers. We are working with great personal commitment to successfully implement this goal "more beautiful gardens". For you but also for us. An appropriate, not too large or cost-intensive machine park with our own wheel loaders and excavators helps to efficiently implement horticultural projects without delays. New employees are first trained on our own premises and familiarised with the basic behaviour on our construction sites.
This includes: friendly interaction with each other both externally and internally, respectful treatment of our customers and their needs. For example, we don't leave anything lying around or standing around, we try to make the gardening work for our customers as pleasant and with as little disturbance as possible.
     Almost all work on green spaces is carried out at a fixed price based on the experience gained over many years. This creates trust and transparency and prevents unpleasant surprises. For many years we have also worked for public clients, housing associations or architects.

Flexible garden hose 30m, water hose Flexible with 3-fold latex core, black.
Flexible garden tube 30m,
Stretchable flexible hose with
Distributor for car wash.

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Irrigation Computer
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Knee pads with double straps for the house garden, green.
Knee pads with double straps
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Esschert Design Ladies Apron.
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Impressions from the picture collection of Karlsen's References.



Rectangular swimming pond with wooden terrace.

Formal Koi pond with Genesis pond filter for clear water.

Entrance area. Paving with black paving clinker.

Wooden terrace over swimming pond with brick sandstone cladding.

Hot tub (wooden bathtub) with fireplace wood storage on paved floor.

Preparatory work for polygonal panel laying for hot tub (wooden bathtub) with firewood storage.

Karlsen-LogoThe right advice and its careful implementation with the focus on the essentials for you, this is how your garden pleasure begins. Of course I also come to you on Saturday or even Sunday (even after 18:00) because I know that you also have to work and have obligations.

  ✦ And now I am pleased about your interest, your call, and our common target: "Beautiful Gardens".

„We have the experience that will benefit you“
For a good beginning and an even better ending.


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