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Stone columns and steles with hole for the construction of a fountain.

Green spaces
from Karlsen

Big Menhir fountain

Use our more than 30 years of experience in consulting and implementation in garden design and horticulture for your feel-good garden.
Green spaces
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Decorated garden table in summer.

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    Gardens from Karlsen
The planning and execution of a garden realizes the desire to spend a nice time together with the family.
Beautiful Gardens

View of a spring meadow with small white and yellow flowers.


Whether for small, medium or large green spaces. We like to do it well!

New planting: Your garden should be newly planted?
Redesign: You want to redesign, extend, change?
We help you to ask the right questions to find the right answers for you. One of the most important, unfortunately just as often forgotten, questions is: How much time do I, can I, spend weekly on garden maintenance?

Answering this question and taking your time into account is a far more important factor in the satisfaction of your garden than the composition of the flower colours of a flowerbed.

  Avoid mistakes - save costs.
  • It all starts with good consulting.
  • It should be said that we are also prepared to provide only consulting and construction support!
    And that for smaller and larger gardens.
  • We know that there might be people in your circle of acquaintances who work more cost-effectively than we as a company could ever provide.
  • Learning from and understanding each other.
  • We could give you the best possible assistance to create your own feel-good garden. According to your personal needs.
    Give us a call.
    We look forward to hear from you.

Consultation for gardening.


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The advantage of experience? The avoidance of mistakes!

Use our more than thirty years of experience in consulting and implementation in garden design and horticulture for your feel-good garden. A cable is quickly and easily laid for later use for garden lighting or for a garden decoration, a garden irrigation system does not cost 1000€ nowadays, but saves you a lot of garden maintenance in dry periods.
     The right humus garden soil with active soil organisms, weed-free and sieved, is the basic structure and foundation for real pleasure in the garden and healthy green spaces.

    The right choice of garden plants and the composition for the garden design prevents unwanted herbs from growing in the first place. This simplifies garden maintenance enormously. Forget expensive and unnecessary sprays and artificial fertilizers, let nature work for you and enjoy.

Flexible garden hose 30m, water hose Flexible with 3-fold latex core, black.
Flexible garden tube 30m,
Stretchable flexible hose with
Distributor for car wash.

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Gardena Irrigation Computer,gray.
Irrigation Computer
from Gardena with automatic
Watering control.

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Knee pads with double straps for the house garden, green.
Knee pads with double straps
for the house garden and
various cleaning jobs.

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Esschert Design ladies apron. Garden apron with pockets, green.
Esschert Design Ladies Apron.
Garden apron with pockets.
sizes: ca. 68cm x 1cm x 64cm

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Plant table with drawers and base cabinet, brown.
Planting table | weatherproof
with Drawers & base cupboard
with galvanized work surface.

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Impressions from the picture collection of Karlsen's green spaces.



Natural pond with goldfish and design elements of stone.

Country house with staircase in planted front garden.

Gardener with lawn mower mowing the lawn.

Wooden terrace over swimming pond with brick sandstone cladding.

Little girl - enchanted by the spring garden.

Automatic irrigation system. Lawn irrigation system for a larger green area.

Karlsen-LogoThe right advice and its sensitive implementation with an eye for what is essential for you, that's where the fun in the garden starts. A garden is properly laid out when it brings you peace and relaxation and not when it demands too much time from you.

„Come home again and enjoy in a relaxed way.“


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