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Paving work with clinker, natural stones and Carrara mosaic paving.

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Paths and places in your garden initially have their purpose and function. But they also have the task of structuring the garden.
Pavement works
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Cobbled market place in small town.


     Gardens from Karlsen
The use of natural stone types and surfaces creates unique gardens, stone fountains and Roman stairs.
Beautiful Gardens

Curved mosaic pavement. Carrara and basalt with permanent joint PF1.

  Curved mosaic pavement

Pathways and Paving in Horticulture.

Paths and places in your garden first have their purpose and function. But they should also fulfil the important task of structuring and creating central points in the garden.

These points now flow into the design of your property, your garden design. In a personal conversation, your wishes and ideas will be checked for feasibility. We will provide you with important tips, food for thought and information about the many possibilities for garden design as well as about the materials for paving work.

  Here the rule is: "Form follows function".
  • To function, the following conditions and requirements must first be considered:
  • A load-bearing substrate is the basis of all paving work in the garden.
  • The layer structure is the ideal basis for solid paving work.
  • A safe water drainage for the preservation of your garden design.
  • Non-slip and trip-free walkability of your paving.
  • Durable and colour-stable surfaces of paving stones.

 ✦  Whether laying, stone walls or fences - we deliver Tailor-made solutions from A to Z. Our company, which specialises in paving and garden design, has specialised in modern and customized complete solutions from planning to execution.
With natural stone paving, e.g. on footpaths, driveways or garage exits, areas in and around the house can be exceptionally beautified: Whether individually designed terraces, driveways or forecourt design - with us you can rely on professional expertise, precision in execution and many years of experience. We are masters of optimally embellishing outdoor areas with paving, setting the scene and achieving great effects.

Garden place paved and natural stone wall with statues and Buddha.

  Central garden place with statues.

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A path should be more than the shortest connection of two points.

We are of the opinion that natural stone paving and clinker bricks should be used in the private garden. Concrete stone used in green areas is no longer presentable after a few years, while natural stone tends to gain in beauty and charisma for your garden over the years.
     It is possible to create paving work for elaborately designed stairs or pavilions, a stone fountain as well as Roman stairs and garden ponds in such a way that they blend into green spaces as naturally grown elements. The use of natural stone types and surfaces creates unique gardens. These can be sandstone, porphyry, andhesite, granite, Jutland pebbles or mixed farm pavement, each stone creates a unique atmosphere in your garden.
By the way, we also use natural stones for the construction of dry stone walls, or layered masonry with mortar bonding, seat walls, bricked privacy screens or just to define essential design features.

From the first creative suggestion to the professional execution of the paving and natural stone laying. We are at your side with all our know-how and many years of experience. We know how to put even difficult conditions on site - such as slopes or compact floors - in the best light. The many years of professional experience of our employees ensure the best possible and professional implementation of all your wishes.

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Impressions from the picture collection of Karlsen's paving work.



Large stone paving at the swimming pond.

House entrance area with red paving clinker.

Drainage system with Carrara garden gravel.

Hot tub (wooden bathtub) with fireplace wood storage on paved floor.

Garden area with curved paved polygonal slabs.

Front door. Paving with black paving clinker.

Preparatory work for polygonal panel laying for hot tub (wooden bathtub) with firewood storage.

Paved house garden with palisade design elements.

Stair string with paving clinker at the house entrance.

Karlsen-LogoOur services include modern solutions for the paving of entrances and driveways, the construction of stone walls, winter garden paving and versatile garden and terrace design.
A paved path is beautiful and connects the areas of your property in a unique way. Through a natural design, the paths on your property with garden and terrace form a harmonious whole.

„We build paths that connect.“


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