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Pond systems
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Ponds & Streams

Whatever water garden design you choose, the benefits for you and your garden will be enormous.
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Swimming pond in the garden.

Pond systems

       Gardens by Karlsen
A calm, reflective pond surface allows us to relax and can be integrated into the garden design.
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A bath in your own garden pond.


Swimming pond holiday in our own garden.

Water can flow into the garden design in many forms and variations: As a fountain, spring, quiet watercourse, as well as water feature or bubbling stream and natural pond. Both swimming pond and koi pond are suitable as modern architectural design elements in pond construction. Equally popular in garden design are, in addition to the goldfish pond, the bird bath, the spring stone and pond lighting, as an original atmospheric accent.

Whatever water garden design you choose, the benefits for you and your garden will be enormous. I even go so far as to say that only by integrating water will a garden become an experience. In a Swimming pond it's an immaculate temperature, that's the first thing. And it doesn't feel like swimming anywhere else. A real feel-good pond!

  Some points for planning a swimming pond.
  • Size: The dimension of a bathing pond does not only depend on the size of the property, but of course also on the use. If you want to swim long lanes, please plan a water surface of at least 35 square meters. If the pond is to be used more often as a bathing area and thus for cooling, then 20 m² is quite sufficient.
  • Location: The location of the swimming pond is very important! Bushes or even trees in the direct vicinity of the pond provide plenty of foliage. If this gets into the pond, the water quality can be greatly reduced and the formation of algae can be promoted.
  • Cooperation with experts: Swimming pond builders like us can draw on technical know-how and many years of practical experience, which will benefit you in the construction of the swimming pond landscape. This gives you the certainty that nothing will go wrong during construction.

Modern swimming pond.


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Pond construction and pond systems in horticulture.

We have a lot of experience in the handling and construction of the most diverse pond systems and streams. In pond construction, the correct use of source stones and water features and their acoustics is one of our specialties. However, one thing is important to know. Whatever you may have read or heard about it so far.
   Normal garden ponds are never biotopes.

    There is no small pond with 20 to 40 square meters that does not require any technology or special knowledge and provides crystal clear water by itself. At least not in the long run. But we can help you to create such garden ponds with clearest water. We know the decisive factors and the necessary technology in pond construction to make the garden pond a lasting, clear, living oasis.

Of course, we are also able to turn existing garden ponds that may have been created incorrectly into a functioning environmental experience again. We have built pond systems of the most varied types and sizes. Pond constructions from very small up to 2500 square meters, with integrated island and bathing beach. Inclusive: Sylt beach chairs.

I myself have been practising the hobby of keeping Koi for almost 20 years with crystal clear water and healthy fish. The creation of ponds could probably be seen as my favourite subject in the extremely varied field of gardening and landscaping.

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Impressions from the picture collection of Karlsen's pond systems.



Natural pond with goldfish and design elements of stone.

Underwater lighting in the nocturnal garden pond.

Rectangular swimming pond with wooden terrace.

Formal Koi pond with Genesis pond filter for clear water.

Two bathing beauties at water games in the swimming pond.

Romantic garden pond with antique stone bench.

Beautifully curved koi pond with a brick sandstone lining.

Two girls enjoy the relaxation at the garden pond.

Wooden terrace over swimming pond with brick sandstone cladding.

Karlsen-LogoFor your garden: The right advice and its sensitive implementation with an eye for what is essential for you, that's where the fun in the garden starts.
We certainly don't build "bomb craters", put foil in there, scatter erratic blocks and gravel on the edge, and then claim: This is a pond. Unfortunately, I see such failed attempts far too often in practice.
Take advantage of our experience in pond construction! Let us surprise and inspire you. With water and with what we make of it. Dive into Nature.

Only in a calm pond is the light of the stars reflected.


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